Reservation Policy

  1. Anyone using Weston Lecture Hall 1 or Weston Lecture Hall 2 may not borrow a projector but must, instead, use one of the ceiling-mounted installed projectors.

  2. During a regular semester, only one laptop or projector may be reserved and "guaranteed" for use at any one time in one space. A second laptop or projector may be requested, but will be made available ONLY ON THAT DAY AND TIME IF NOT REQUESTED BY ANYONE ELSE.

  3. During the final three weeks of a regular semester (including review week), only one laptop or projector may be borrowed at any one time for use in one space. (In other words, even if two faculty members are having a "joint" review or presentation, if the activity occurs in one room or space, only one projector or laptop may be borrowed. This shall be enforced even if no other instructor has reserved a projector or laptop to make the most equipment available to the most people, even on a "last minute" or "emergency" basis.

  4. Instructional Technology & Media Services

    If the equipment located in Littman Architecture Library has already been reserved during a time you need it, please submit an online request.

    This equipment can be picked up from Instructional Technology & Media Services (ITMS) Office, located in GITC basement room 0300.

    How to Connect

    Instructions for connecting a laptop to the network in Weston Lecture Halls I and II.