Archlib Image Database


  • Search ALL FIELDS searches the CREATOR, PROJECT, LOCATION and IMAGECODE fields. It does not search the VIEW, SOURCE, or COPYRIGHT fields.
  • Searching is phrase bound. A search for skyscaper axonometric will NOT find "skyscraper" and then "axonometric" and then combine them. It will only search for the phrase "skyscraper axonometric" (and will, thus, likely fail). We hope to allow unbound searching in a future enhancement.
  • CREATOR is architect, painter, engineer, artist, etc. Search by last name. For example, SERT or SMITHSON or LE CORBUSIER.
  • PROJECT is name of building, city plan, industrial design, etc. Search by project name. For example, CLUSTER BLOCK or LIBRA RY or GLASS HOUSE.
  • LOCATION is where the project was built or located. For example, LONDON or NEW YORK or FRANCE.
  • IMAGECODE is the image number assigned to the image. For example, AA-834.
    • If you want to look at 10 images, leave off the final digit (for example, AA-83 will show you images AA-830 through AA-839).
    • If you want to see 100 images, leave off the last two digits (for example, AA-8 will show you images AA-800 through AA-899.